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Scout VHF Transmitter

thumb_thescoutThe Scout transmitter is designed for use with the larger hawks, such as Redtails, Goshawks and Harris' Hawks when used as a leg or tail mount. It can also be used on smaller birds when using the TrackPack.

Key features are the low price and long battery life:

  • Runs forty days on a single battery
  • Forty miles line-of-sight range
  • Weighs just 9 grams with battery
  • Uses a short 7-inch antenna
  • Can be ordered with Mag switch
  • The lowest cost transmitter
  • 2032 lithium coin cell battery widely available everywhere
  • Available Frequencies: 216, 217, 218, 219

Intended Uses

The new Scout was intended to be the ideal transmitter option for the Shortwing Hawker, having the best combination of range, size, long battery life and low-cost that this group is after.

Built around the common and easy-to-find 2032 lithium coin cell 3v battery, the Scout uses the traditional screw on lid with standard thread sizes already proven on the RT+ over many years.

A key design goal was to 'critically tune' a short safe 7-inch antenna without the corresponding loss in power that happens when you simply cut the antenna short. And, achieving short antennas without using higher frequencies has been a breakthrough unique to Marshall for several years now.

For a side-by-side comparison, the Scout is shown here next to the 2007 RT+ with it's new "bullet-lid," and the RT standard with it's 13-inch standard length antenna.

For the larger birds such as Harris' Hawks, Goshawks (shown here) and Redtailed Hawks, the Scout makes an ideal leg mount with it's lightweight (9gms with battery) and short antenna.

When ordered in this package, there is a generous sized Bewit slot at the top and the case is flat and smooth on both sides.

For use as a neck mount, you would simply order the leg-mount version, with the Bewit attachment at the top and two smooth sides.

As shown in the image to the right, the flat shape of the case helps it to lay snug against the body of the bird, and the short antenna helps it to stay out of the way of a feeding hawk.

When ordering a Scout as a Tail mount, it comes with a small spring attached to the bottom of the case. The case is machined with three tiny retention posts on the underside that hold the tail spring in place and it uses the same spring as the PowerMax transmitter.

The flat shape and short 7-inch antenna makes it ideal for a "dorsal mount" like the Tail or BackPack (below).

The Bewit attachment is still part of the case, so that in an emergency (or if the spring broke for some reason) you could still use the transmitter as a leg mount temporarily.

Also, you can order the Scout with optional Magnetic "Tap on/Tap off" magnetic switch allowing you to leave the transmitter on the bird all the time, and turning it on just before the flight. This is the ultimate in convenience and avoids the tussle of installing the transmitter just prior to turning your bird loose.

The very same design and features that make the Scout such a great tail mount apply equally well to the BackPack.

This is made all the more appealing since the battery life is so long (over 40 days), and it's conceivable you could install the $1 battery at the beginning of the season, use it the entire time and never have to remove the transmitter.

Instead, you would tap in on and off during the season with each day out, as needed, knowing that the low-battery warning (double beep) will alert you when there's only 5 days of search time left. There is no such thing as a Marshall transmitter ever quitting on you without warning in the field, due to a low battery.

Marshall Engineers found a way to maximize the efficiency of the circuit together with the duty cycle of the Scout to give the maximum possible battery life: an amazing 40+ days!

These long run times are rivaled only by Research Transmitters. However, these long-running research transmitters used by biologists achieve their long life through the trade-off in a great reduction in power output.

The Scout on the other hand, is unique in that it does not sacrifice range for battery life. It's the first of it's kind: a non-research yet very long life (VLL), professionally packaged higher power transmitter for birds.

It's range is similar to the original $200 RT transmitters of 10 years ago, similar to the new Micro, but less than the current RT+, yet far beyond any other transmitter in its price range of only $125.

Customers Say

When I think of attributes that make a great transmitter the following come to mind: reliability,  durability, frequency stability, battery life and power.  The Scout transmitter passes the test with flying colors. My  field use of this transmitter has proven it to be extremely reliable.

The machined body with sturdy antenna post mounting lends it lasting many seasons. Marshall's sophisticated technology has given this transmitter a very stable frequency, which is very important when you may have birds out when the thermometer drops to freezing.......  I know the signal is going to be where it should and won't require searching for it with the tune knob on my receiver.  The Scout is untouchable when it comes to battery life.  40 days running ....... WOW!  That should give me plenty of time to locate a lost hawk.   
The range and power is also very good. While the Scout does not have the range that some of Marshall's other transmitters do, it more than makes up for it in other areas. And, if all this isn't enough, you can also get the Scout with optional magnetic "on off" switch......something pretty handy for the guy who wants his hawk on the cadge ready to go. For us Eagle Guys there is also the Eagle Version of the Scout; same great transmitter with an extra strong antenna. I highly recommend this transmitter.
-  Daryl Peterson



Why do you use Lithium batteries instead of Silver Oxides?

Lithium batteries represent the latest advance in primary battery technology, having many advantages over conventional battery systems. Their high energy density, high rate pulse capability, long shelf life and ability to operate at temperature extremes make them ideal for meeting the demanding requirements of new portable electronic equipment. They are ideal for electronic equipment requiring high rate pulses such as photoflash or in our case, high power transmitters.

And they have very flat (stable voltage) discharge curves, so you maintain a more powerful signal throughout the life of the battery.

How long can Lithium batteries be stored?

Capacity retention is over 95% after 5 years of room temperature storage.

Is it possible for the lid to come off by itself?

Not if it is tightened down properly first. Since it is not possible to overtighten the lid by hand, you do not need to worry about cranking down too hard. Tighten the lid down until it stops, push in and tighten some more, and it will be completely secure.

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Bottom view Bottom view
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Configure Your Product
Mounting Method Custom Engraving Text
Price +$10.00
i.e. "Reward 555-555-5555"
Magnetic Switch Frequency Band if you need a specific channel, please specify during checkout
Price with discount $125.00
Sales price $125.00
Sales price without tax $125.00