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Desert Hard Case

This case takes protection to another level. Airtight, waterproof and pretty much bombproof, you can let this thing tumble around the back of a hawking rig all season long, equipment safely inside, and spray it off at the carwash to look brand new again.

With custom foam inserts, this Hardcase lets you protect and keep the receiver and transmitters all together in one convenient, safe place.

Field Marshall version shown here allows room for headphones (always a good idea) with accessories. Model for new FM1000 has space for ear buds instead of full size headphones.

 Regular Desert Case for 216 - 233 MHz size (VHF) 

 Small Desert Case for 433-434 MHz size (UHF)

 GPS Mini Desert Case for GPS System

 GPS Full Desert Case for GPS and UHF Field Marshall


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