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Marshall Aluminum Tail-Pieces

These are the new generation, ultra-lightweight, solder-free, tail-mount pieces that are now used by so many falconers world-wide. Machined in-house here at Marshall Radio from a special aircraft aluminum alloy, then anodized for color and protection, they are 1/3 the weight of the soldered brass predecessor.

If you're planning to use a Tail Mount this season, these tiny, lightweight machined parts are the answer for exactness and quality. And, using the Genuine Marshall Installation tool (shown below), the installation is quick and easy.

There are five sizes to fit most all birds:

  • Micro-Small: the original size for Merlins, Spars, Aplomados
  • Micro-Medium: Medium size raptors (Perigrine, Harris', male Goshawks) where a Micro is to be used.  Medium on the bottom, with Micro size on the top.
  • Micro-Large: Large size raprtors (female Gyrs, Redtails, Goshawks) where a Micro is to be used. Large on the bottom, with Micro size on the top.
  • Medium: Gyrkin, Peregrine, Harris', Male Goshawks
  • Large: Female Gos, Female Gyrfalcon
  • Extra Large: Eagles
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