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Volume Prices on Batteries

Wholesale prices shown below are due to the volumes in which we buy batteries for both in-house testing/burn-in of every transmitter and sales worldwide.

One example is the CR1/3N: at Maplins there sold at £6.00 each and that's not even a duracell. Here you'll find them for £2.00!

Check back regularly since prices can change at any time. Shelf life for lithium batteries: 5-7 years, so it's wise to stock up. Remember your transmitter is only as good as the power source it needs to run!

  • CR1225 Lithium (for Micro): 1.50£
  • CR 1/3N Lithium (for RT): 2.50£
  • CR1632 Lithium (for PowerMax): 1.50£
  • CR2032 Lithium (for Scout): 1.00£
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