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Hand Held Collapsible Yagi Antenna

Now you can have the next best thing to a Marshall receiver in terms of portability: our patent-pending collapsible yagi antenna.

Folding down into a compact size for the best portability, it then opens up in seconds to a full-sized three element yagi array. BNC adaptor cable plugs in to your existing box-style receiver.

Rugged design evolved, simplified, proven and fine-tuned over 12 years with thousands and thousands in the field. No more wing nuts.

Available for 173, 216 and 433/434MHz. These newer yagi's are also backwards compatable and retro-fit on older FM5 and FM10 receivers. Unfortuantly the HSY is not yet available as a stand alone item.

Price with discount 175.00£
Sales price 175.00£
Sales price without tax 175.00£