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Classic Art Poster: Goshawk Version

Actual size of poster is 15 x 21 inches Actual size of poster is 15 x 21 inches
This poster captures the emotion and relief felt by a falconer when he finally gets visual contact with a lost bird after a long telemetry chase into the woods, shown here just before dark in the gathering gloom.

Created in the classic art style of 1920's American Sportsman product advertising, Artist Tim Jessell has produced something quite suitable for framing or as an enjoyable Collector's item right there in your hawkhouse or Mud Room.

The Concept

Stylized Advertizing Artwork from the 1920's era

The image in the Marshall poster shown above captures that magical moment of finding a lost bird in a race against bad weather and darkness while illustrating this in a fun way from the bird's perspective showing Marshall Radio equipment helping the falconer (and his boy) reliably get there.

Similar Outdoor product advertising from the Winchester and Remmington advertizing in the 1920's inspired the look and feel for the image we were after, where the Hero is out there in the Wilderness depending on his reliable gear to see him through. Tim Jessell, one of our favorite artists and long-time customer, captured it for us perfectly.








These old advertisements have since become highly sought after collector's items for their captivating artwork and style.























A key to their enjoyment is the artist's ability to capture a moment in a wilderness setting, familiar to the customer, or even aspiring customer.

























Some of these ads were produced on metal, and can still be found from time to time in old sheds and barns.










The Artist

Tim Jessell






Website: www.timjessell.com







Tim Jessell is an illustrator, providing high quality work for his clientele.  His priority is to confirm for art directors that they have made the right choice in choosing Tim Jessell. As a result, he enjoys a high rate of return business. Several years ago, Tim made the transition from traditional media to sketching and painting in Painter and Photoshop. Although created digitally, Tim’s work is virtually indistinguishable from non digital media, hence, his work has been called “tradigital.” He illustrates for a wide variety of clients (which is half his fun).

Tim’s illustration style is pertinent to a broad range of market applications, including advertising, point of sale, corporate use, editorials, books, and more.


Can I order more than one?

Sorry, we're limiting these to one per customer while they last, available at shows and events.



Customers Say

"Wow. It kind of reminds me of spotting an eye-catching cover of, say, an old Hardy Boy's book at a garage sale, and you just got to have it."


"Very nicely done. I have always been a fan of old posters from the 1920’s."


"Very Cool. Can you send me one to put on my wall? Your graphic guy is the best!"

"It's certainly got that old time hunting poster look and feel. Perfect."


"Excellent! Tim did a nice job. He's a talented guy.  I'd love one in an old barn board frame. I'm making barn board frames for my photography and this will look sharp in one of them!!"


"Very nice…I'm already thinking of what Marshall product I can't live without next! Seriously, nice art work on that."


"I have posed for that photo on many occasions..."