Accessories for the European Falconer

Designed to the same top quality standard

HolsterGenuine Marshall Radio Accessories are designed to work together reliably with your telemetry gear. New Field Holsters are custom made to carefully protect your receiver yet keep it comfortably out of the way in the field and not intrude on your hawking experience. Our new airtight and waterproof Hardcases are a virtually bombproof way to transport or store all your high-performance equipment in one place. Tail-pieces are individually machined to perfectly match the precision-bent and heat-treated springs of your tail-mount transmitter. The now "used round-the-world" TrackPack mounting harness gives you a fourth method for safely attaching your transmitters. An OMNI Antenna can simplify the search from a chase vehicle. Replacement antennas, replacement lids.

Designing and producing the premium quality transmitters and tracking receivers is the core of what we do. But we believe that top-quality accessories are a key part of giving you a complete and enhanced tracking system, so we take pains to design and make premium accesories for you as well.

Also, thanks to our very high volume discounts with the Battery producers, Marshall Radio can now be your best source for fresh, wholesale-priced batteries.

Signal Sensor

The Signal Sensor is a compact, wide-band micro receiver designed to verify the operation of your Marshall Radio transmitters at very close range. Any frequency transmitter with a magnetic switch may be turned On and Off with the Signal Sensor’s internal magnet whilst simultaneously hearing the signal and seeing a flashing LED with each pulse for single-step, one-handed operation.


  • Housed in a durable weather-resistant case.
  • Internal magnet for turning transmitter ON and OFF.
  • Simple Push-button operation prevents battery drain when not in use.
  • Microprocessor-controlled signal detection algorithm.
  • LED & Tone indicators signal that transmitter is operational.
  • LED & Tone indicators signal that tester battery is functioning.
  • Lanyard attachment point to prevent loss in the field.
Price with discount 40.00£
Sales price 40.00£
Sales price without tax 40.00£

Padded Cordura Softcase

Adapted from a design used to protect expensive firearms, our Cordura softcase lets you keep the receiver and transmitters protected and all together in one convenient place.

Custom foam insert matches the profile of the receiver. Additional cut outs and internal pockets to keep all the small things where you can find them: extra batteries, antennas, battery tester, car adaptor, etc. Designed to ride with you inside the vehicle.

For 216 MHz only

Desert Hard Case

This case takes protection to another level. Airtight, waterproof and pretty much bombproof, you can let this thing tumble around the back of a hawking rig all season long, equipment safely inside, and spray it off at the carwash to look brand new again.

With custom foam inserts, this Hardcase lets you protect and keep the receiver and transmitters all together in one convenient, safe place.

Field Marshall version shown here allows room for headphones (always a good idea) with accessories. Model for new FM1000 has space for ear buds instead of full size headphones.

 Regular Desert Case for 216 - 233 MHz size (VHF) 

 Small Desert Case for 433-434 MHz size (UHF)

 GPS Mini Desert Case for GPS System

 GPS Full Desert Case for GPS and UHF Field Marshall


Price with discount: 85.00£
Sales price: 85.00£
Sales price without tax: 85.00£

Cordura Field Holster

Custom design to tightly fit the receiver, these all new Field Holsters can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist.  The pull-over top cover is a clam shell design to cover the entire top and protect the receiver in bad weather. New wider shoulder strap unsnaps at either end with one hand.

Available for 216 standard size yagi and HSY 216-219, and 433/434 UHF MHz sizes. The 173 size is also now back available. Availalbe Only for 2007 and newer Field Marshall models.  Please specify model year of receiver on checkout. Please note these are not designed for the older style wooden handle FM5 or FM10CH receivers.

Price: 20£
Price with discount: 20.00£
Sales price: 20.00£
Sales price without tax: 20.00£

Marshall Tail-Piece Installation Kit

The Tail Piece Installation Kit comes with a custom Install Tool together with one Regular Tail Feather Piece and a second Blank Tail Feather Piece of matching size that has not been annodized and laser engraved (i.e blank aluminum). Use the Blank piece to practice on a molted feather, before installing the finished tail mount on your bird. Practice inserting and removing the transmitter on the practice feather to develop the right feel to the process and get better prepared to use the tail mount on your bird.

Machined here at Marshall Radio to exacting tolerances, the Tail-piece Tool and matching Tail Feather Piece makes the process of mounting up your bird quick and easy when used together.

Designed to match exactly the elliptical shape of the quill when closed, the final result when crimping is a snug fit. It's also self-centering in the upright position on the feather. With the internal grooves machined on the inside of the crimped end, they are used by many without glue or epoxy. Clean yet permanent.

Specify one of five different Tool sizes when ordering.

Price with discount: 30.00£
Sales price: 30.00£
Sales price without tax: 30.00£

Marshall Aluminum Tail-Pieces

These are the new generation, ultra-lightweight, solder-free, tail-mount pieces that are now used by so many falconers world-wide. Machined in-house here at Marshall Radio from a special aircraft aluminum alloy, then anodized for color and protection, they are 1/3 the weight of the soldered brass predecessor.

If you're planning to use a Tail Mount this season, these tiny, lightweight machined parts are the answer for exactness and quality. And, using the Genuine Marshall Installation tool (shown below), the installation is quick and easy.

There are five sizes to fit most all birds:

  • Micro-Small: the original size for Merlins, Spars, Aplomados
  • Micro-Medium: Medium size raptors (Perigrine, Harris', male Goshawks) where a Micro is to be used.  Medium on the bottom, with Micro size on the top.
  • Micro-Large: Large size raprtors (female Gyrs, Redtails, Goshawks) where a Micro is to be used. Large on the bottom, with Micro size on the top.
  • Medium: Gyrkin, Peregrine, Harris', Male Goshawks
  • Large: Female Gos, Female Gyrfalcon
  • Extra Large: Eagles
Price with discount: 8.00£
Sales price: 8.00£
Sales price without tax: 8.00£

TrackPack Mounting System


thumb_Trackpack-logoThe backpack mounting method has been used in various ways by research biolgists for many years, with some better than others. Mark Williams of Alberta Canada refined the best basic design and proved its viability for falconry. This figure eight approach was further simplified and put in to production by Marshall Radio as the "TrackPack Mounting system" to add yet a 4th and safer mounting method. In just seven years it had become a widely used and enthusiastically receiverd mounting option all over the world. It is the 'ready-to-go kit' for the BackPack mounting method. Starting with a gently curved Mounting Plate machined from UV-protected Delrin plastic, we add 36 inches of small width Teflon tubular ribbon and a small brass crimping ring produced just for this purpose that's internally threaded for maximum bite into the ribbon when making the final setting. For longwingers and shortwingers the trackpack provides the best place for getting the best signal strength out of your transmitter keeping the antenna off the ground in most cases and also snuggest fit to the body of the bird reducing the chance of a transmitter getting caught up in the middle of a hunt in cover. Every year from Merlins to Goldies the trackpack gains popularity. Fitting for most becomes as easy as fitting the rest of your furniture to your bird. Watch out for cheap copies!! molded plastic and non teflon ribbon copies show up from time to time but only Marshall trackpacks are designed tested and used by falconers for falconers.

Simply use either flat needle-nose pliers or your existing MRT Tail-piece crimping tool to set the ring in place once the harness is correctly fitted.

There are now three sizes: Regular size accomodates all transmitters, the Micro size for very small birds that fits only the Micro transmitter, and the new XL (Eagle) size with 18 more inches of ribbon.

Also available is the Re-Installation Kit, containing 36 inches of Teflon ribbon and the threaded crimping ring.

You can follow the installation process shown in our latest video here: English : Spanish


Price with discount: 30.00£
Sales price: 30.00£
Sales price without tax: 30.00£

Classic Art Poster: Gyrfalcon Version

This poster captures the emotion and relief felt by a falconer when he finally gets visual contact with a lost falcon after a long telemetry chase into the sage, shown here just before dark in the gathering snowstorm.

Created in the classic art style of 1920's American Sportsman product advertising, Artist and Marshall Radio Customer Tim Jessell has produced something quite suitable for framing as an enjoyable Collector's item of your own, in your hawkhouse or Mud Room. Customers may pick a poster up with a purchase at many of the events we attend (one per customer).


Classic Art Poster: Goshawk Version

This poster captures the emotion and relief felt by a falconer when he finally gets visual contact with a lost bird after a long telemetry chase into the woods, shown here just before dark in the gathering gloom.

Created in the classic art style of 1920's American Sportsman product advertising, Artist Tim Jessell has produced something quite suitable for framing or as an enjoyable Collector's item right there in your hawkhouse or Mud Room.

Omni Directional Whip Antenna

Falconers have used OMNI's for many years to determine proximity from inside a moving car as they cover an area tracking their birds. This model is a higher quality (slightly more gain) version of the well known design. Comes with 10 foot coax cable.

Price with discount: 75.00£
Sales price: 75.00£
Sales price without tax: 75.00£

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

This small accessory inserts into any car plug and runs the receiver while bypassing (saving) the internal batteries. An important item when on extended chases in the car with the receiver hooked up to the OMNI. Vital for chases in desolate areas when you may need every hour of battery time when the times comes to leave the vehicle.

Price with discount: 8.00£
Sales price: 8.00£
Sales price without tax: 8.00£

Volume Prices on Batteries

Wholesale prices shown below are due to the volumes in which we buy batteries for both in-house testing/burn-in of every transmitter and sales worldwide.

One example is the CR1/3N: at Maplins there sold at £6.00 each and that's not even a duracell. Here you'll find them for £2.00!

Check back regularly since prices can change at any time. Shelf life for lithium batteries: 5-7 years, so it's wise to stock up. Remember your transmitter is only as good as the power source it needs to run!

  • CR1225 Lithium (for Micro): 1.50£
  • CR 1/3N Lithium (for RT): 2.50£
  • CR1632 Lithium (for PowerMax): 1.50£
  • CR2032 Lithium (for Scout): 1.00£

Spare Antenna

A straight antenna is important to the process of producing a strong signal. If your antennas are kinked, curled and have been straightened out for the last time, you might consider getting a new one to maintain peak performance. Field replaceable antennas screw directly on to the transmitter antenna stud. New replacement antennas come complete with fitting instructions and require only a sharp knife and a lighter to fit. Once added to your cart you will be prompted for the transmitter model and frequency so you get the perfect antenna for your transmitter.

RT+ and PowerMax use a 2-56 threaded 6061 aluminum ferrule with 90 lb test nylon coated stainless steel cable. The Micro uses a 0-80 thread aluminum ferrule, and comes in two gauges (comes with light, but can use regular for larger birds).

Price with discount: 8.00£
Sales price: 8.00£
Sales price without tax: 8.00£

Replacement Lids for Transmitters

Although designed to last forever, from time to time you may find you need a replacement lid for your transmitter. Even the best falconers loose more than just hair when a flight turns into a track.

Price with discount: 11.50£
Sales price: 11.50£
Sales price without tax: 11.50£

Tail Springs

Posts on the underside of the transmitter case allow you to easily change a damaged tail spring wire if needed. One replacement spring design fits the older BP and all models of Scout and PowerMax. Replacement springs for the RT+ are for that transmitter alone. Springs for the Micro are much lighter gauge and are designed to perfectly fit a micro trackpack or a marshall micro tail feather piece. RT UHF transmitters springs are fixed and need to be sent in to your local EU office to replace.

Price with discount: 4.00£
Sales price: 4.00£
Sales price without tax: 4.00£

Hand Held Collapsible Yagi Antenna

Now you can have the next best thing to a Marshall receiver in terms of portability: our patent-pending collapsible yagi antenna.

Folding down into a compact size for the best portability, it then opens up in seconds to a full-sized three element yagi array. BNC adaptor cable plugs in to your existing box-style receiver.

Rugged design evolved, simplified, proven and fine-tuned over 12 years with thousands and thousands in the field. No more wing nuts.

Available for 173, 216 and 433/434MHz. These newer yagi's are also backwards compatable and retro-fit on older FM5 and FM10 receivers. Unfortuantly the HSY is not yet available as a stand alone item.

Price with discount: 175.00£
Sales price: 175.00£
Sales price without tax: 175.00£

Field Marshall Manual

This 35-page manual is included with the purchase of every Field Marshall receiver. It's written by Dave Marshall and filled with practical tips on basic tracking. Radio propagation topics including polarization, reflections, and diffraction that often cause confusion in the field are explained and made simple to understand.

You can either download the entire manual for viewing (using Adobe Acrobat Reader), or order your own printed copy.

Price 4£
Price with discount: 4.00£
Sales price: 4.00£
Sales price without tax: 4.00£

Book: Gyrfalcon by Emma Ford

"To those who know and love her, the Gyrfalcon is something of an enigma. She shares some of the most inhospitable corners of our world, towering over the chilly wastes of the Arctic like a pale spirit. Yet in contrast to the frigidity of her native lands, the gyrfalcon inspires in man a burning passion - a passion to possess her."

- Emma Ford

This is the first full-color study dedicated to the species. It has been magnificently produced and richly illustrated with the finest historical paintings and sketches of the gyr, superb photography, and specially commissioned paintings by the celebrated British Raptor Artists Anthony Rhodes and Andrew Ellis.

The book has now become a collector's volume and a significant addition to any falconer's library to be enjoyed again and again.

Price 80£
Price with discount: 80.00£
Sales price: 80.00£
Sales price without tax: 80.00£

Book: The Flying of Falcons

Authors: Ed Pitcher and Ricardo Velarde

396 Pages: This is the all new Falconry book that's causing a stir worldwide. And getting enthusiastic praise. Once you have a chance to hold it in your hands and read it, you will know why. Following a young falcon's develpmental sequence, Ed explains why he strives to allow his birds to progress through the natural stages in order to develop the confidence, initiative and abilities nature intended, without the falconer getting in the way. The result is a captive-reared falcon with the "wild mind set" that flies and behaves and succeeds more like it's wild conterpart.

Not just another "How To" falconry book following the well-worn path of training a bird to perform a few desired behaviors, The Flying of Falcons contains original thinking and observations that will challenge the reader to re-evaluate his prior results as well as perhaps unsettling the certainty in more than a few experienced falconers own minds as they are persuaded to re-evaluate old ideas.


New artwork from Andrew Ellis, Bern Poppelmann and Darl Peterson compliment the content well.

70£ New

Add £15 for Copy Signed by Authors

Price with discount: 70.00£
Sales price: 70.00£
Sales price without tax: 70.00£

DVD: Life & Times of Gerald Richards

A captivating DVD about the life of one of the most colorful American falconers, Gerald Richards. This DVD was sponsored by the 2005 NAFA Meet in Vernal Utah and was produced by the Utah Falconers Association.

Price 20£


Price with discount: 20.00£
Sales price: 20.00£
Sales price without tax: 20.00£