GPS Systems

GPS live streaming product availabe now in tail/trackpack or leg. 

System includes RT-GPS, PocketLink, and AeroVision mapping software app.  

Works along side Field Marshall UHF reciever. 

Additional recommened accessories below, we particularly recommend the High Gain Omniwhip for all falcons, for in vehicle tracking.

Marshall GPS System

The new Marshall Live Streaming GPS add-on uses the UHF frequency bands, transmitting both data and a traditional "beeping" signal on user selectable channels on either 433 or 434MHz.  

Designed to complete your UHF Sytem with both data streaming and traditional beeping signals, this bundle of three components includes:

  1) the RT-GPS transmitter

  2) the PocketLink portable data transceiver

  3) the Marshall-designed mapping app: AeroVision

When you Order this product, the RT-GPS and PocketLink will be shipped to you (mobile device not included), and the Software Application is downloaded from the iTunes store (free).

Simple instructions will have you laying down tracks minutes later. Even those who are not known to smile much will be grinning.


EU Model with GPS coverage for Europe only 

RT-GPS Package : 850£ (works with your Field Marshall UHF)

Price with discount 850.00£
Sales price 850.00£
Sales price without tax 850.00£

RT-GPS Rechargeable Battery Kit

Now in Stock!

The Re-chargeable Battery Kit has been designed specifically for the RT-GPS to allow you to start each flight with a fresh battery, every time.

Rechargeable Battery £100
  - Charger Unit
  - Two Batteries
  - USB Charging cable
    (includes cover to protect unused socket)
  - Add Third Battery: £45
 Note: This chargin kit works only with the RT-GPS and will not work with other transmitters. Will not charge 1/3N batteries.

Price with discount: 100.00£
Sales price: 100.00£
Sales price without tax: 100.00£

Field Marshall UHF for use with GPS


Add the long range direction finding to your Marshall GPS Kit

Building on the success of the original Field Marshall UHF design, the next generation still retains the features customers loved on the first UHF receiver such as the tiny yagi antenna, compact and portable form factor, and superior range over VHF based receivers. But the 2015 model offers several additional improvements such as temperature compensation (no need to retune when chasing a far off signal as the temperature changes), improved pin point accuracy for searches up to the last few feet, and even better sound quality. It also has a new distinctive color scheme, which identifies our UHF equipment line going forward.

Each receiver still comes with a field holster, but it's very small shape and size makes it a "pocket receiver" capable of being slipped into your Hawking bag or section of your Pineo Hawking Vest.

FM UHF   100: 595£ (Frequency 434)
FM UHF   500: 695£ (Frequencies 433 or 434)
FM UHF 2000: 795£ (Two band selectable 433 and 434)

Price with discount: 650.00£
Sales price: 650.00£
Sales price without tax: 650.00£

Desert Hard Case for GPS System

Keep all your components in one place, an airtight and waterproof design that can tumble around the back of a hawking rig all season long, equipment safely inside, and spray it off at the carwash to look brand new again.

Two versions of the Desert Hardcase are available to house and protect your new GPS system.  The Mini and the Full

The Mini safely houses your PocketLink, RT-GPS, charge Cable, Magnet, Batteries, and has space to accommodate up to a 7" Tablet, yet is ultra compact.  85£

The Full Size Desert Case is designed to house not only your Marshall GPS System, but your Field Marshall UHF receiver as well.  125£


Price with discount: 85.00£
Sales price: 85.00£
Sales price without tax: 85.00£

Omni Directional Whip Antenna for GPS System

Falconers have used OMNI-directional roof-mounted antennas for many years to determine proximity from inside a moving vehicle as they cover an area searching for a signal.

When connected to the PocketLink transceiver, the OMNI provides a substantial boost over the included mobile antenna and the great thing is that any signal even relfected signals, are now your friend instead of a frustration.

For use with the new GPS Kit, an cartop Omni now becomes an essential part of a complete car system, and together with a dash mounted iPad running the AreoVsion mapping App your are good to go. 

Two models to choose from:

Standard Gain (16" tall, 3dB Gain):   75£

High Gain (34" tall, 7dB gain):          85£

Both  come w/ 10 foot coax cable tipped with an SMA connector to match the PocketLink.

Price with discount: 75.00£
Sales price: 75.00£
Sales price without tax: 75.00£