Parts & Service Center

Most parts needed for routine maintenance are found on the accessory page. If you find you're in need of other, specific items not listed, please email marshalldirect@marshallradio.com



  • Spare coax cable
  • BNC adaptor
  • Replacement battery cover and battery screws, clips etc
  • Yagi antenna element brackets for newer digital receivers.



  • RT UHF, Turbo and Pro Tail-spring replacement kit. Please note these need special instruction and are not recomended for change for the customer. Please email for details. Antennas and tail springs for all other TX's are available online and are user changeable. 


  • Marshall offers a receiver and transmitter out of season "Test and Tune" for £45 + shipping (Digital receiver models only). 
  • Marshall tracking equipment service includes a receiver sensitivity test, and transmitter power consumption test under load, tuning on transmitters,  and test against a refrence transmitter.  For one low cost, this is a great way to know that your tracking system is in tip-top shape for the coming season. other services provided by the EU office is a transmitter re-programming within the main frequency of the transmitter to a new channel. This is £10 + shipping, please contact us for more details. Please note due to the nature of the test equipment needed for older wooden handle FM5/10 receiver or stealths the receiver must be sent to the USA service department via pre-arrangment. Older receivers are £75 for service in the USA without parts. Older receivers can also be traded in against new receivers please contact us for details or to make arrangments for you to send to the USA.