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Marshall Tail-Piece Installation Kit

Each Kit comes with one Tool and one regular Tail Feather Piece together with a Blank Tail Feather Piece of matching size that has not been annodized and laser engraved (i.e blank aluminum). Use the Blank piece to practice on a molted feather, before installing the finished tail mount on your falcon. Practice inserting and removing the transmitter on the practice feather to develop the right feel to the process and get better prepared to use the tail mount every day.

Designed to match exactly the elliptical shape of the quill when closed, the final result when crimping is a snug fit. It's also self-centering in the upright position on the feather. With the internal grooves machined on the inside of the crimped end, they are used by many without glue or epoxy. Clean yet permanent. Machined here at Marshall Radio to exacting tolerances, the Tail-piece Tool and Tail Feather Piece makes the process of installation quick and easy when used together.

Please specify the correct size, either Medium or Large, when making your order.



Hooded_Gyr_w-_single_RT_tailmountThe most common method of mounting transmitters in the Gulf is the tail mount, and the Marshall Tail pieces are now the most widely used. Marshall has carefully designed both the Tool and the Tail Pieces to match the quality of the transmitters and fit of the springs. The fit is exact, and the precision is consistent in every Tool and every Tail Piece we make.

Be sure to ask your local Agent for "The Original" when ordering Tail Pieces and Tools so you do not buy the copies by mistake which are meant to look like Marshall but that can fail.



There are two sizes commonly used:

1) The Medium, for female Peregrines, male Hybrids and smaller

2) The Large, for female Hybrids and female Gyrfalcons and Sakers.

If you are buying a Matched System with receiver and transmitters and Accessories, you will find the Installation Tool is included, together with a Tail Piece for each and every transmitter so ordering this Installtion Kit is not needed.



Bright_image_of_toolWe start with needle nose pliers from one of the most reputable names in the industry (Channel Lock) in quantity and then machine them down into the perfect fitting Install tool. We use only these pliers because using only a precisely made high quality tool enables us to maintain tight tolerances through production, assuring a long lasting tool that will perfectly crimp the tail piece every time.

Made from hardened steel

By matching the precision sized hardened steel of the Install Tool with the softer alluminum Tail Piece, we can achieve a very consistent fit every time through the more pliable aluminum closing around the feather without accidentally crushing the  shaft.

Your perfectly polished and fitted Install Tool is built to last for a lifetime of Tail Piece installations.



Side_by_Side_TFPsEach Tail Piece has been through several processes to reach the finished stage. It is first machined from a block of aluminum, and then tumbled in ceramic media to make the surface areas and all sharp corners very smooth and rounded. This protects other feathers from damage. It is then anodized for absolute weather protection. Finally, the Marshall logo is laser marker onto the top surface to let you know it is the Original.

Why Aluminum for the Tail pieces

Aluminum has a very, very high strength to weight ratio. Keeping the weight to the absolute minimum is essential for a tail mount. Prior to this design being developed seven years ago, we used brass tail mounts which were 3x the weight.

Single piece construction

Marshall pioneered this single piece design after having a number of two piece Tail Pieces fail on the bird. By machining each Tail Piece from a solid block of aluminum there is no joint to fail, no solder joint to worry about.

TFP_CloseupMachined instead of extruded

Marshall always CNC machines each tail piece for the for the ultimate in fit, precision, and strength. By machining our tail pieces, we can obtain a much finer finished product. There are less expensive fabrication methods to be sure (like casting, or extruding), but they result in inconsistent wall thicknesses (that inhibit consistent crimping on the deck), weak points in the material (that can later fail), and poor finish (sharp edges that can damage adjoining feathers).



Using the right alloy

Not only is using aluminum important, selecting the specific alloy is just as critical. Marshall specs the 5052 alloy that has just the right mechanical properties to be ductile enough to be easily shaped around the feather shaft during crimping, yet strong enough to hold the shape without incurring any micro fractures that would normally result when bending aluminum, leading to catastrophic failure later in the field.


Can two mounts be used at the same time?

Answer: Yes, one mount can be placed on each feather on larger birds. The signals from each transmitter will not affect each other negatively.

Do I really need to use the Marshall Tool to crimp the tail pieces?

Answer: Yes, in order to get consistent results every time you should use the right size matching Tool.

What is the risk of smashing the quill of the feather?

Answer: If you use the correct size tool for the right size bird (feather shaft), you have no risk of having this happen. However, by using a smaller tool and Piece on a large bird, you could produce cracks when crimping, but never actual crushing as people have done when using pliers.

Why does the Marshall Tool cost more than the copies?

Answer: We begin with a tool made of fine high carbon drop forged steel that is scientifically heat treated for strength and durability. We then invest a significant amount of machining and polishing time to get a precision fit and finish. It costs more to do this, but the end result is a more premium Tool.

Why do the Marshall Tail Pieces cost more than the copies?

Answer: Because they are more precise, consistent and therefore less likely to fail. They cost more to produce since there are more steps to make them perfect and smooth. A close look at each one side by side reveals the differences, but for those that have had the copies fail on them, they know to only ask for the Original and are willing to pay a little more for quality.

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