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Stealth G5

The Stealth G5 is a premium quality chanellized tracking receiver chosen by the VIP Customer and larger groups. Use the large size channel selector numbers to match your numbered sets of transmitters as before. You can also order the Stealth to match new custom numbered sets of Marshall transmitters unique to your group and different than any other.

Inside, the Stealth offers the highest sensitivity, bigger sound (with speakers on top and bottom), a new ultra-compact case design featuring a "Quick-Release" handle, a larger control panel with more room, and the latest generation of Marshall's exclusive collapsible yagi antenna with cable-free operation. Also, exclusive to all Marshall receivers is the use of polyphase filters, our new noise floor reduction technology that reduces the background noise while increasing the effective range and tracking ease. The Stealth can be ordered for the 173, 216-219, and the 233 MHz bands.

Config F (215-219), Config A (216-219), Config H (216-219), Config UAE (233-236)

Key Features

Getting the best range requires having the most "useful sensitivity" in a receiver. The combination of receiver, the matching cable and the antenna designed for specifically for it consitute a complete package that must work in harmony to achieve the most sensitivity possible. The Digital Field Marshall will give the most range, especially in cities or areas of "unwanted radio noise."

Electronics are housed in a robust case machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum and has been designed to give many years of trouble free operation.

Purposely made for heavy use outdoors, this tracking receiver is designed to give you more years of demanding usage through the widest range of temperatures, travel and weather than any other. Sealed connectors, mylar speakers, overlapping seams all make this receiver the most durable design now on the market.

Since this receiver doesn't rely on crystals to determine the frequencies it can cover, it has much more capacity. An all-digital circuit allows the same receiver to pick up any frequency in up to five different bands allowing large numbers fo transmitters to be properly spaced far apart to avoid overlap or adjacent channle noise.

Also, custom sets of transmitters can be ordered that will be unique to your group, shared only by your group and no one else.

A broadened, smoothed tuning mechanism means that tuning into the signal is a pleasure and much faster than before.

Tuning with the new tune knob is broad and is protected from accidental contact so it's not easily bumped off your tune setting when getting in and out of the vehicle.

The actual sound of the receiver has been improved through the elimination of harsh harmonics and distortion, making it easier to track weak signals and far more pleasant to listen to.

Three red LEDs now illuminate the entire control panel for better clarity in the dark without compromising your night vision.

As great as it is to have a handle on long walks or when holding the receiver out the window, there's times when it's better without it. Greater portability and reduced size is achieved without the handle on a third axis.

Now, you can choose when to use it and when to put it away in another pocket. Even though it's tight and secure with its bracket mount, it takes only seconds to remove it using the thumb wheel screw-on design.

Not only can the handle be quickly removed, it also attaches directly to the antenna. This gives you three different ways to configure your receiver.

So, now you can have it any way you'd like: use everything together in one single piece, hold the smooth and smaller case in your hand without the handle, or wear the box safely around your neck and connect the handle directly to the antenna to hold outside the window in the rain.

Hold the receiver down waist high and you have a speaker facing up at you. Hold it up high for better reception and you still have a speaker facing down at you. By incorporating speakers top and bottom, the sound on the Stealth has been increased in volume.

And yet it's also quiet where it needs to be: A new narrow-band filtering system is employed rejects noise better without reducing your signal, so you hear the signal more clearly with less distracting background noise, even for the weakest signals.

More importantly, it has improved the sound's omni-directionality which means the volume doesn't change as you rotate the receiver, a definite problem in other receivers that leads to erroneous perception of the signal strength in certain directions.

Nearby transmitters on other channels sometimes cause interference to your reception, but this receiver has special circuits to minimize the effect.

The improved rejection of noise near power lines means you can hear weak signals better and increase your range.

Better Range Estimation: The range settings (Medium and Near) have been adjusted so that you know it's time to start walking. You can therefore switch between these in most situations to get a better idea of how far from you the bird really is.

In addition to all the performance improvements made to the Stealth G5, Marshall Radio engineers redesigned and shrunk receiver board to about 20% less total area, with everything fitting inside the case much more efficiently leaving and no wasted space. We then asked our external design team to "vacuum pack" the case down to the absolute minimum required, with no wasted airspace on the inside, no needless bulk on the outside. The result is a smaller overall receiver.

With the handle removed, the slimmed down design fits even better in your hand. Designing the outer case to be hand-held required we make additional changes, like a larger radius on all corners, and counter-sinking the earphone and power jacks to make them flush with the surface of the case, all of which just makes it feel more like an over-sized iPod in your hand.

The case is much more stout and rugged than even the previous generation Marshall receivers.

We kept the same, field proven, collapsible, three-element directional antenna design for maximum directionality. It's a full gain yagi when deployed, but now it collapses to an even smaller size. We reduced the size of the brackets, the sliding booms and eliminated the need for cables, cable savers and big springs found on the previous design. Also rugged solid rods are now used for the elements instead of hollow tubes.

Improving the shielding on the case also means an improvement in how the antenna works for you. The full-size three element yagi gives the best range and directionality of any antenna, and reduces the "back lobe" which sometimes fools people into tracking 180 degrees backward, in the wrong direction.

Using newest generation electronic components and creative packaging allows us to fit a lot into a small space.

And, our commitment to using aluminum alloys which have the maximum strength to weight ratios makes this receiver as light and strong as technically possible.

A key mechanical design breakthrough of all Marshall receivers is the collapsible yagi antenna. The full-sized three element antenna (shown above right) can be reduced in size by half when fully closed.

When collapsed down into its stowaway position, and put into its holster (included with every new receiver), the Stealth G5 makes a small and compact piece of equipment to take with you into the field.

Q & A

Why would I want a Stealth instead of a Field Marshall?
The Stealth G5 had been designed for the VIP Customer with lareger Groups that need larger number of transmitters in numbered sets. The Stealth allows customized groups of ten transmitters to be easily arranged by number, each with their own private set, and with many different groups still able to be tracked by each other if need. The Stealth has the most capacity to do this. It also has a larger Control Panel making operation easier when tracking from a fast moving vehicle.

Why do I sometimes get over 30 kilos and then other times only 5?
Since the Stealth or Marshall transmitters do not change in power, it could either be the position of the transmitter at different times, or the fact that where you are standing is higher or lower at different times.

One reason could be that if you are lower than the falcon, there might be hills or obstructions that are blocking the signal.


When you get up high, using anything you can, your range will greatly increase and the signal can become strong again.


Even though it may not seem that there are any hills close by or in front of you, there could still be a slight rise or change in elevation in the distance between you and the transmitter that is somehow blocking or reducing the range of the signal.


Here we see an illustration how you might not get a signal close to the bird, because you are in what is called the Radio Shadow with a hill blocking the transmitter signal. But by getting higher, you can hear the signal again, even though you are farther away.



Remember also that each of the different bands will perform differently when you are behind a hill or mountain. The lower frequencies are able to "bend" over hilltops better than the higher ones. Sand dunes do not block signals as much as rocky hills do, and moreso if there is moisture in the ground.


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