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Premium equipment for the Gulf Falconer

The small, lightweight and very high power Marshall Radio transmitters have evolved and improved for over twenty years. These well-known and proven Black transmitters have become the favorite throughout the Gulf because they are so reliable and have much better range than any other transmitter.

No other falconry transmitter has more power. They have been tested to 20, 30 and over 50 kilometers' distance in real hunting conditions in the desert.

They also last longer on a single battery.

Marshall offers several models of transmitter available in both the quiet UHF band (432-436MHz) as well as the commonly used VHF  band (215-219MHz).  In addition, Marshall offers transmitters on the 233-236MHz band for the UAE.

The unique transmitters detailed below each have a different intended use. The "Transmitters at a Glance" table found at the bottom of the page highlights the specifications and comparisons for each.

Micro UHF

Micro UHF




The Micro is the smallest transmitter, and at only 3.5g is the perfect transmitter for use in Falcon races and competitions.

You will be surprised to find that it has more range than most larger, heavier transmitters.

It is designed around a flat round battery so that the entire transmitter is also flat and round which makes an ideal shape for mounting on the tail.

There is also a special Marshall Micro tail-mount designed specifically for the Micro to keep it more secure and free from extra movement as the bird flies.

Available frequencies: UHF 432-436MHz

Price with discount $275.00
Sales price $275.00
Sales price without tax $275.00






The RT VHF is the longest range falconry transmitter made except the RT Turbo, and the one used more than any other by falconers in the Gulf.

This is a Premium transmitter that is trusted as the reliable standard.

For 2014, the RT now has the multi-colored LED to confirm operation and battery status.

Available frequencies: 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 233, 234, 235, 236



Price with discount: $350.00
Sales price: $350.00
Sales price without tax: $350.00


RT_logosilver final



The new RT UHF is a long-range choice for use in the UHF bands (432-435) . You will get the best results with a matched Marshall Radio UHF receiver, known in the Gulf as the "New Marshall" or the "Baby Marshall."

The RT UHF has a very short antenna. With the new bullet lid it makes an aerodynamic tail mount.

And new for 2014, the RT now has the LED multi-colored light.




Price with discount: $350.00
Sales price: $350.00
Sales price without tax: $350.00

RT Turbo Transmitter - Gulf




The RT Turbo is the most powerful and advanced transmitter available anywhere.

It runs for five (5) days continuously on one battery and gives between twenty (20) to sixty (60) Kilos or more of range, depending on location.

The bright multi-color LED uses almost no battery, and indicates

- BLUE for Turbo Mode, or most power,

- GREEN for Standard power mode,

- YELLOW for low-battery Mode when it's time to change the battery, and

- RED indicating Do Not Use.

Available frequencies: 215 through 219, 432 through 436 and 233 through 236 for UAE Customers



Price with discount: $575.00
Sales price: $575.00
Sales price without tax: $575.00