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RT Turbo Transmitter - Gulf




The RT Turbo is the most powerful and advanced transmitter available anywhere.

It runs for five (5) days continuously on one battery and gives between twenty (20) to sixty (60) Kilos or more of range, depending on location.

The bright multi-color LED uses almost no battery, and indicates

- BLUE for Turbo Mode, or most power,

- GREEN for Standard power mode,

- YELLOW for low-battery Mode when it's time to change the battery, and

- RED indicating Do Not Use.

Available frequencies: 215 through 219, 432 through 436 and 233 through 236 for UAE Customers



Key Features

Most Range Possible
We found a way to increase the power output by four (4) times and call this "Turbo Mode." This amount of radio power gives double the range. In test after test in the deserts of the Gulf, there is no other transmitter made with more range.

The Turbo gives a very clean and clear signal. Using the latest in galium arsenide junction semi-conductors combined with Schottky heterojunction transistors and high linearity amplifiers, this transmitter uses the most innovative RF technology now available.

Premium Packaging, best Case Design
The machined aluminum cases are protected by a Black Nickel plating that gives the Turbo its distinctive look and appearance. The cases are precisely machined to tight tolerances so the threads are always exact, consistent and smooth. The batteries fit snug and secure with no rattle. The Black plating and coloring is high quality so the differences can always be seen and immediately felt.

Matched Sets for the VIP Customer
The Turbo can be ordered in sequential numbered sets of ten. These individual groups are arranged so there are no conflicts. Yet the tracking receivers (Field Marshall or Stealth) can also track the transmitters from the other groups in the hunting party when needed.

Also, Marshall can provide custom sets of exclusive frequencies for VIP Groups that are a one-of-a-kind, and unique to one group only.

Uses the same Battery
The Turbo uses the common and familiar 1/3N three-volt battery, the same used for the RT. On a new battery, the Turbo runs in Turbo mode for 16 hours, and then another 4.5 days at standard power (5 days total run-time).

Very simple Tail Mount Design
Each of the tail springs are uniformly bent to exact tolerances and then heat treated for maximum strength. They are designed to match the Marshall tail pieces exactly, making them secure on the falcon, yet giving just enough clearance needed for the falconer to quickly remove the transmitter with a smooth and simple action.

Best Warranty
All transmitter comes with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, and the Turbo caries a complete 5 year Warrantee. If the transmitter fails you for any reason, simply return it to us directly or an Authorized Distributor in your country and we will repair or replace it. Marshall Radio has earned a reputation in the Gulf for supporting all their products and keeping Customers happy.



What is the Turbo?

It is a totally new transmitter design that gives double the range of the RT Standard. It has a new circuit design that allows it to produce twice the range on the same three-volt battery used by the RT Standard. 

Will the Turbo work with my existing Marshall receivers?

Yes. You will only need to specify the frequencies needed as replacements, or the Confiuration Chart used for your Group.

Does the new Turbo use the magnetic switch feature?

The magnetic switch is standard on the Turbo.

What is the lead time required for new Orders? How soon can I get them?

Turbos are in stock and available for imediate shipment.

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