Omni Directional Whip Antenna for GPS System

Falconers have used OMNI-directional roof-mounted antennas for many years to determine proximity from inside a moving vehicle as they cover an area searching for a signal.

When connected to the PocketLink transceiver, the OMNI provides a substantial boost over the included mobile antenna and the great thing is that any signal even reflected signals, are now your friend instead of a frustration. 

For use with the new GPS Kit, an Omni now becomes an essential part of a complete car system, and together with a dash mounted iPad running the AeroVsion mapping App your are good to go. 


High Gain (34" tall, 7dB gain):          $95


comes w/ 10 foot coax cable tipped with an SMA connector to match the PocketLink.

Price with discount $95.00
Sales price $95.00
Sales price without tax $95.00