RT-GPS Rechargeable Battery Kit

New for 2017!  and now in stock!

The Re-chargeable Battery Kit has been designed specifically for the RT-GPS to allow you to start each flight with a fresh battery, every time. 

Rechargeable Battery $95
  - Charger Unit
  - Two Batteries
  - USB Charging cable
    (includes cover to protect unused socket)
  - Add Third Battery: $45
 Note: Will not work with other transmitters. Will not charge 1/3N batteries.


Integral Design
The Marshall Radio Rechargables are incorporated permanently into the lid making a simple, robust and single-piece design. Simply screw on to your transmitter and run it. Screw in to your charger and wait for the green light to indicated a full charge and ready to re-use. A protection circuit on the reverse side of the contactboard keeps you safe.

Multiple Options to match your preferred mounting method
As the only GPS transmitter in the world small enough to be used on the leg or tail, we've created three types of battery lid: 1) bullet lid, used for TrackPack or Tail mounting, 2) traditional Bewit style for leg-mount, and 3) the new Ewell screw-on post design now being used by falconers around the world.

Rapid-Charge Design
The charger will fill a depleted battery in under two hours, but for normal usage where the battery is used for under an hour, the battery can be topped of in just minutes.

Improved Range
With the higher operating voltage of the rechargeable batteries, you can notice up to a 50% improvement in range.

Improved Cold Weather Performance
80% battery capacity at -20C.

No Stress Usage
Top them off as many times as you want (no memory) or leave them plugged in in, no risk of damage.

Lithium Polymer battery operates approximately the same amount of time as the 1/3N.


Voltage: 4VDC

Weight: Approximately the same as the 1/3N lithium battery

Lid size: Approximately 50% taller

Operating Temperature: 125F to -40F

Cold Temperature Performance: Approximately 80% capacity at -10F

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