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New Design Receiver Handle

The sculpted, wider secure-grip handle is made with glass impregnated nylon to provide improved strength and texture, making it a pleasure to hold.

The top mounting plate of the Quick-release assembly is backwards compatible with all Field Marshall receivers (2007-current model). 

Made standard euqipment on all receivers since 2013, additional handles are now made available as a spare, or simple yet significant upgrade to the feel of your 2007-2012 Marshall receiver.

Order Black for VHF receivers

Order Grey for the new UHF receivers


Evolution in design

The original Quick-release handle was intentionally minimalist as it was intended as the exception not the rule when holding the receiver. The 2007 receiver body had been reduced in width by one third, radius edges, not boxy, and made to fit in the hand like a fat iPod, so it was being used without the pistol grip and simply kept in the hawking bag. But a lot of customers liked the handle, especially for use out the car window, and we were never quite happy with the overall feel of it. So as soon as there was time, we set about to correct that.

A number of solid models were made up in both wood and plastic to test feel and appearance.


Narrowing down the length and finger ledge positions, then removing material to

reproduce the open hole design we liked before.


And here is the resulting change in both profile and width between the original handle

(on the left) and the new sculptured version (on the right). Simple and subtle changes

that make a big difference in how secure to hold, and how it feels in the hand.



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