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Dog Collars for American Falconry

Long range signal in a rugged package


If you are hunting upland game and using pointing dogs as part of your hawking team, here's another great option you to add to your telemetry gear: a long range tracking collar for your dog.

Tracking collars for pointing dogs serve a dual purpose: in addition to finding and recovering a lost dog, these Marshall Radio pointing collars have an activity switch that tells you if the dog is moving or on point.

You can monitor your dog's movements using your receiver from inside the truck, while on horseback or walking in the field. You'll instantly know if he's still running, locked up on point, or even creeping. You'll instantly know if it's time to put your bird up, even when the dog's out of visual range.

PowerPoint Tracking Collar

The PowPowerPoint LogoerPoint Collar is a long range telemetry tracking collar with an activity switch that let's you know when the dog is on point or running. Is is designed and produced by Marshall Radio to be as small and lightweight as possible, yet rugged and reliable.

Intended for heavy and extended use, this collar runs for months on common, easy to find AA batteries. A small green LED flashes during normal use indicating the collar is running, but switches to red (and you'll also hear a double-beep warning on the receiver) when only 5 days life left.

Machined casing with tripled sealed waterproof construction guarantees maximum protection.

The PowerPoint Collar is availible in any frequency you need from 216.005 to 217.995

Available frequencies: 216, 217
Available light colors: red, amber, green, blue

$169 Tracking Collar only
Add $30 for Tracking Collar with high-intensity safety lights
Price with discount $169.00
Sales price $169.00
Sales price without tax $169.00