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PowerPoint Tracking Collar

thumb_PowerMax-collar_logoDesigned for the serious and demanding hunter, this tracking collar runs for months of normal use on regular AA batteries. This means you can get your batteries anywhere and they don't cost $8 to $12 each! Collars run in long-range tracking mode for 700 hours on new set of batteries. Or, 7 to 14 days of hunting with the lights turned on.

A small green LED flashes during normal use, switches to red when only 5 days life left.

Machined casing with tripled sealed waterproof construction for years of heavy use. The magnetic switch does not need the magnet strapped to the collar but only requires a tap to turn on and a tap to turn off.

The PowerPoint is availible in any frequency you need from 216.005 to 217.995, also availalbe in 150MHz and 173MHz for international hunters.

This is the high power collar the professional trainers use day in day out when they need the most rugged, reliable design.

Available frequencies: 150,173,216, 217
Available light colors: red, amber, green, blue

Key Features

Rather than using potting or even injection molded plastic, the case on the PowerPoint is machined from a solid block of the very the toughest aluminum alloy. Aluminum provides a very high strength to weight ratio and this case can stand up to years of abuse and pressure put on a product that's to be worn by active hunting dogs.

In one instance, an F350 pickup was driven over the collar with no damage, other than a slight rock mark on the side.

We found in the dog collar world, every design used expensive hard to find batteries. While there's a reason to design around some of these specialized batteries, our engineering challenge was to let the user drop in to any Wal Mart at three am if needed and get new batteries.

So, the PowerPoint uses two common AA 1.5v alkaline or lithium batteries, found everywhere.





Intended Use




Customers Say

"One of the super good things is that your little light tells you when the batteries are getting weak. That's one of the big downfalls of the other collars, cause they can be working fine, and an hour later it's just dead. You got it then you don't and that's real frustrating to a hunter to be beeping his dog and then be getting nothing. I've had one and I've sent back several times under warranty, but doesn’t help you when it’s gone for several weeks.

"My old Johnson collars just keep getting weaker and weaker till it's gone, but that light on my Marshall collar tells me when it's weak and then all I have to do is reach in my truck and change 'em, I don't miss the hunt, I don't have to be without it several weeks. Those others, if you use them they're going to go out and have to be sent back long before the warranty out."

Marshall Loftin, LA

"I've tried just about all the brands... and there's no comparison. Marshall collars have a stronger signal and better direction, and use the easy to find, inexpensive AA batteries! And their receivers have amazing sensitivity and a three-step attenuation switch (Near/Medium/Far) so I can tell how far out my dogs really are. Quite simply, I go straight to my dogs.. and FAST ! Thanks Marshall Radio!"

Steve Lithgow, Way Cool Kennels

"I cannot begin to tell you how well the Marshall products have worked for us this year. At Grand Valley Kennels, we’ve tried all the tracking devices available on the market today. We can truly say with all sincerity, Marshall products outperform any tracking devices we have ever used. In a recent hunt, our dogs got deep very quick. We were able to not only track our dogs, but we were able to do so with pinpoint accuracy. When we finally got to our dogs, we were 8 miles from where we started!! In our neck of the woods, that is simply unbelievable! So it is easy for us to say that Marshall Radio Products are the absolute best tracking devices available. Simply put.... Longer range, pinpoint accuracy, less problems with collars and a company that stands behind its products. What more could you ask for. It's like this. You can track your dogs or you can spend all night trying to track your dogs. The choice is simple.... Marshall Radio Systems. The serious hunters' choice."

Tim Amey, Grand Valley Kennels

"I’ve used Marshall for 5 years now and this is the best system I’ve ever used. It’s got more range and yet it’s also easier to pinpoint the dogs. You can move it just inches to each side and tell, my friends that are with me are always impressed as hell. It’s pretty damn accurate. At first, I thought I’d have trouble with the quick-deploy antenna if I didn’t handle it with kid gloves. But I’ve used it (not abused it) for two going on three years, and it’s just click, click, click, open and close. It’s pretty damn durable."

RJ Marquart, Quick Silver Kennels

“Over the years, our agency has used every tracking system available, but when we started using the Marshall system last year, we were at first impressed with how small and tough the collars were. Others were made out of plastic, these are machined aluminum. Now we’re most impressed with how much range we get out of them. It’s just incredible. I bet over half the guys I watch using those tiny receivers head out in the wrong direction. Other friends still use the big blue box hanging around their neck and the hand-held yagi antenna with wingnuts. With my Marshall receiver, I’ve got the receiver out, found the signal, put it back in the holster and on my way while they’re still screwing together their antenna. Now they don’t even try, they just say to me, “OK, where’s the damn dogs.”

Tri-State Wildlife Management

I just wanted to let you know I am well pleased with the 2 collars that I received last week. They have great range 14 miles compared to quick track QTC XL .6 miles. And I like the design since it's not as bulky. I will be ordering more soon! Thanks

Leonard Cleaton

"I've used Marshall products for years and have always relied on their excellent performance. .

Sean Derrig, ErinKennels, IL

Q & A


Why is it so tricky to screw down the lid when I change the batteries?
Try to simply hold the lid down tight against the case as you tighten the screws. With the lid held down, the collar turns on and the screws cannot get cross threaded. If you do not hold it down, you'll probably experience problems getting the screws to enter evenly.

Which is better to use in this collar: alkaline or lithium batteries?
Common AA alkaline batteries at 50 cents a piece are hard to beat for convenience and availability. But you can find AA in lithium (photo batteries) at most camera counters now, and they are extremely lightweight and last longer. The trade off is they do cost more. Both work well.

What are the differences between battery types?

In simple terms, batteries come in two basic types: single-use and rechargeable. Single-use batteries, also known as primary batteries, have one life cycle and must be replaced when drained. Examples include alkaline, carbon-zinc, lithium, silver-zinc and zinc air.

Rechargeable batteries, also known as secondary batteries, can be recharged and used repeatedly. Examples of rechargeable batteries include Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCd), Lithium Ion (LiIon) and Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.

Energizer® MAX®

Best for household electronics
Most popular long-lasting power source
Very good shelf-life — up to 7 years

Energizer® Advanced Lithium

Best for high drain/high-tech devices
High performance battery for the devices you rely on
Great storage life — 10 years
33% lighter than alkaline systems

Energizer® Ultimate Lithium

Best for heavy drain/high-tech devices
Excellent extreme temperature performance
Great storage life — 15 years
33% lighter than alkaline systems

Energizer® Rechargeable (not recommended)

Best for frequent use/heavy drain devices
Recharges 100s of times
Limited shelf-life — loses 1% of deliverable energy per day

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