RT Plus VHF Transmitter

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The RT Plus is the standard by which all other falconry transmitters are measured.  Designed around the reliable 1/3N lithium battery which gives the overall unique shape and size. With its longer battery life and powerful signal, it was developed to be a primary leg mount for larger short wings and long wings (18 oz birds and up). The RT PLUS was the first of a new generation of transmitters with a short, safe, half-length antenna, yet still puts out more power than others still using long ones. It is also ideal as a secondary (backup) transmitter to the PowerMax backpack mount.

Available frequencies: 173, 216, 218

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*Please note engraving can’t be done for Leg and EZ twist option*


Using the wire-clip design, the RT Plus can be mounted to one of the deck feathers of a large falcon or hawk. The spring can easily be removed in the field to make an emergency switch to a leg-mount.

Still machined from the strongest aircraft alloy available (7075), these carefully crafted cases protect the internal circuitry while giving protection to the batteries as well. For the RT, the overall appearance and weight is similar. But, there’s a new flat ‘fin’ portion at the bottom which now gives better leverage and grip when screwing down cap.



Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

173, 216, 218, 219

Mounting Method

Leg, Tail, EZ Twist (+10)

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