Responsible for getting things done at Marshall Radio are a group of unique and talented people that have fun doing what they do. They have worked together for many years to create the unique synergy that pushes telemetry design and production forward to new levels.

Robert Bagley

Marketing, Design and Field Testing

Robert is responsible for Marshall Radio’s product feature and design strategy, Sales & Marketing as well as the creation and maintenance of the Website, On-line Store and Social Media Sites. Robert’s duties also include the permanently self-assigned role of testing new and existing products in the field with horses, dogs and falcons. However, recruiting and retaining the key people on this page is his most significant responsibility. Call Sign: KE7NRT

Teresa Halloran

VP Finance

Teresa brings twenty years experience to her key role as Government Contract specialist, with the ability to navigate the regulations and labyrinth between Marshall Radio and the Special Operations Groups that use our equipment in hot spots around the world. She also manages our purchasing, Human Resources, odious tax obligations and banking. Having been with Marshall Radio since the beginning, in 1997, Teresa has proven to be a key asset in keeping the company organized through it’s growth and success.

Kevin Harcourt

VP Sales and Business Development

Responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of Marshall Radio and coordinating with our international branches, Kevin assures that Marshall Radio provides the absolute best products and service world-wide. Kevin attended Utah State University, dual majoring in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering and takes part in many of the R&D projects constantly in the works at Marshall Radio. A life-long technology enthusiast and gear head, Kevin also administers our internal IT infrastructure, ensuring that cutting edge technology is used through-out the company. Call Sign: KF7KJT

Jerry Merritt

VP Manufacturing

With over twenty years of high precision machining experience and more than ten years of design and manufacturing engineering, Jerry has developed many of the Marshall products in use around the world today. With a background ranging from miniature medical implants to sophisticated components orbiting the earth, he brings a diverse and unique design style to the new product lines here at Marshall Radio. Jerry holds a BS in Manufacturing Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering from Weber State University, Jerry utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to develop rugged equipment while retaining that aesthetic beauty in Marshall products, and especially in the tiny transmitter cases, that you would expect to find in jewelry.

Stephen Lea

Managing Director, Marshall-Direct in the UK

Stephen runs our Office in the UK and has established a respected reputation for fast and friendly response. “Going the Extra Mile” is his motto and his number one priority is Customer Support with immediate local service for replacements or repairs. Product stock is maintained on site now in England for immediate delivery to the UK and Europe, and Stephen travels to attend the major Events as well as to support local clubs through seminars and personal instruction.

Kai Schmid

German Sales and Service

Kai Schmid is our new contact person for the German speaking market since 2019. He will help you with purchases, problems with handling the products or sending repairs. Since the age 14 he got used to falconry through a German master falconer whom he followed till he acquired his hunting and falconry license. Especially crow hunting and the Goshawk are his main interests. He studied biology and bioinformatics, which makes him a great choice as a new member for our team. On the one hand he has a deeper understanding of technology and software, on the other hand he acquired knowledge about the biology of our hunting birds, which makes him a great combination. Combined with his friendly and open mind, he will help you with your questions.

Santiago Camarena Nunez

Spain, Portugal and Italy Sales and Service

Santiago Camarena is an enthusiastic falconer and technology teacher who has traveled through many countries to learn first-hand the different ways of living falconry in the world, since hunting with birds of prey is his great passion. Thanks to his extensive experience he can get to understand in depth the needs of the collective in all its different aspects. Since 2018 he is part of the Marshall team and together with Maria, his wife, they provide fast and agile service in Spain and Portugal, as well as technical support in Italy and South America.