EZ Twist Bewits


Enrique Sola
WhatApp: +34 649 76 52 00 Website: Enrique Sola

United Kingdom

Hooded Talons
Phone: 07723442669 Email: kevin@hoodedtalons.co.uk Website: Hooded Talons


Baba Yaga
Facebook: Baba Yaga Instagram: Baba Yaga

Phone: + 48 533 470 420



The EZ Twist 

The simplest and fastest way to install a leg mounted transmitter, or move it between several birds. Simple one handed installation of your transmitter before flight, with a few revolutions, the transmitter is secured in place on the leg. Available now for RT-GPS, as well as all Marshall 1/3N Battery powered transmitters, including: RT Standard, RT UHF, and RT Plus (2005+) models.

We recommend going to one of the great suppliers (listed above) to get your custom EZ twist bewits or view the following link for the receptacle pieces to make your own.

Click Here for EZ Twist Receptacles to make your own bewits.


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