GPS System Services


When you are not actively needing your equipment is a great time to have us check, clean, and test your equipment.



GPS System Services €115 each: includes new antenna, new tail spring, cleaned battery contacts of your GPS transmitter(s), cleaned battery contacts of charger bases and overall performance testing of your full GPS System (Pocketlink, GPS transmitters and Rechargeables).

You will be responsible for shipping your items in for the services.
Service fee of tested GPS System will not be waived or applied towards the replacement(s) of damaged equipment outside of our warranty.

You will be charged for shipment at checkout for this service so you will not need to pay for shipment of the item(s) when they are ready to be returned. If you want to order additional items with the purchase of these services your additional items will be held until we can send it all back to you together. If you are needing the additional items sooner you will need to place a separate order or you will be charged for these items to be sent separately from your serviced items.

In Between Season Suggestions
These simple steps for storing your equipment during the off season will help extend the life of your tracking gear.

Inspect your antennas and replace any that are kinked, damaged, or are showing exposed metal filaments
Remove any dirt or debris from the prior season’s hawking.
Fully charge your PocketLink, and rechargeable batteries prior to storing for the offseason.
Place the GPS units in the Desert Case, where the equipment will be safe from damage, then store in a cool and dry place.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 in

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