Parrot Turbo-GPS Transmitter

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If you have updated to AeroVision you can operate up to 5 transmitters at the same time with your existing Marshall GPS system.

The Parrot transmitter has the option for standard antenna and protector or upgraded (See below for more details). Comes with one rechargeable battery. Can be mounted on the leg or the tail using a tail feather piece and tool (sold separately)

GPS Transmitter

  • Weight: 9 grams with battery installed
  • Battery used: rechargeable Lithium Battery (user swappable)
  • Battery Life: 2-3 days with configurable modes to allow up to 7 days
  • Antenna: 7 inch end-fed dipole diplexed with GPS
  • Turbo GPS Range: 2 to 100 miles*

*Measurements of distance are quoted using an Omni antenna. Conditions are variable depending on terrain and obstacles.

Android Users: in checkout please provide in the notes your system frequency and transmitter #.

Learn how to find your system frequency here.


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Model: Turbo GPS

The Turbo-GPS transmitter is the same size, shape and weight of our RT transmitters, but inside we found a way to incorporate a tiny GPS receiver. The Turbo-GPS learns where it is and then sends this data via radio frequency to a transceiver we call the Pocketlink. It is the PocketLink that in turn forwards this situational data it is receiving to our App on your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth. At the same time, the Turbo-GPS is sending a beeping signal in the UHF band that can be received by the Field Marshall for regular direction-finding.

When the transmitter stops hearing from the PocketLink it automatically kicks on the Turbo after 30 seconds of no contact. This allows 2-3 times the range with very little impact to battery life making it capable of sending the GPS signal great distances using situational awareness and intelligent response. When the transmitters hears from the PocketLink again it will automatically turn off the Turbo Mode.


The GPS transmitters and system come with the standard set up which includes a regular antenna and antenna protector. These are great for smaller parrots or Macaws with mellower temperaments. For larger Macaws, multiple macaws and those who practice At Liberty flying we recommend the Upgraded option which includes a “heavy”/thicker antenna and a machined aluminum antenna protector. The aluminum antenna protector can resist the powerful bites of larger macaws. These metallic antenna protectors however may slightly reduce satellite signal reception up to 20%.

The user configurable modes available within AeroVision allow the RT GPS to run for up to a week on the rechargeable battery.  Mixed mode use can be configured for several hours of high update GPS plus many hours of lower update rate tracking. Default settings the battery life is  2-3 days.

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Mounting Method

Leg, Tail

Antenna and Protector

Standard, Upgraded (See Description Below)

Smart Device Used:

iOS (Apple), Android (see note above)

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