Right there with you in the field

Marshall Radio tracking receivers have a distinctive look and rugged one-piece design that can be easily carried with you into the field. They are now used by thousands of happy customers in demanding situations all over the world.

Heavy duty tough, yet lightweight and simple to use, these proven tracking receivers from Marshall Radio also give you the highest level of performance (sensitivity) in direction-finding receivers in the most ergonomic designs.

The Digital Field Marshall has been totally redesigned with 1KHz channels, a smaller profile, a new polyphase noise floor reduction feature and a Quick-Release removable handle.

This newest receiver design incorporates the new generation smaller version of our patent-pending spring-loaded, collapsible three-element yagi antenna that can be deployed to full size in seconds when you need to get a signal. The compact design is the ultimate blend of convenience and high-end performance.

All Marshall receiver electronics are still protected inside extra rugged cases machined from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum and hard coat anodized for long lasting protective finish. All have backlit control panels for night time use. All have both headphone and AC adapter jacks.

The center-of-gravity is focused at the top of the handle so that the unit feels light, pressure free and perfectly balanced. The result is a distinct sensation on long walks that your new receiver is much lighter. It also stays balanced in the hand without requiring a tight grip as you track a signal. And rotating the receiver 90 degrees to check for signal polarization is effortless.

Yet when you remove the “quick-release” handle, to hold the receiver by the body, its new narrower width and rounded corners feel smooth and secure in the hand. It’s a pleasure to own and use.

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