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When you are not actively needing your equipment is a great time to have us check, clean, test and re-tune your equipment. You may also use this service for any collar(s) you have needing repairs.

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Collar Services: Is your Marshall tracking collar in need of maintenance? If so, select this Collar
Service and send your collar in. If you are experiencing any specific issues with the collar(s),
please provide this information in the notes when you check out.

Upon arrival at our factory, technicians will clean your collar, clean or replace the battery
contacts, replace the O-ring seal, and replace your antenna. They will then fully test your collar
to make sure it is operating to specification. If additional parts or repairs are necessary, we’ll
contact you for authorization.

*If any products sent in for services are deemed not repairable, the collar service fee may be
applied towards the purchase of any Marshall Radio product within 90 days.*

Please put the correct quantity of items being sent in. The collar service fee is per collar.
You will be responsible for shipping your items in for the services, we recommend using a
traceable shipping method with a tracking number.

Please note: if you are ordering additional items with your collar service, these items will be
shipped at the same time as your serviced collar. If you need additional items sooner, please
place a separate online order for those items.

In Between Season Suggestions
These simple steps for storing your collars during the off season will help extend the life of your tracking gear.

Remove any dirt or debris from the prior season.
Store equipment in a cool and dry place, where they cannot accumulate dust, dirt or grime.
Important: Remove batteries before storing. Batteries left inside equipment for extended periods
may leak and swell, causing irreparable damage to the equipment. Inspect your antennas and
replace any that are severely kinked, damaged or are showing exposed metal filaments.

All batteries should be stored in a cool and dry environment. Keep batteries in a vapor-proof container if you are in a high-humidity environment or if there is a risk of condensation (including in the fridge). Isolate the batteries so they do not come in contact with one another, which may create a short and damage the batteries or cause excess heat generation.

If you purchase our services please send your items in to the following address within 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase. If your items are not received within that time we will try to contact you for updates. Service purchases will be automatically refunded by 4 weeks if we have not received your items within that time and have not received an update. If your items are sent in after a refund has been processed you will be contacted to pay for the services received.

845 West Center Street
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

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