EZ Twist Bewits

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Braided Bewits with the EZ twist receptacle piece.

The EZ Twist 

The simplest and fastest way to install a leg mounted transmitter, or move it between several birds. Simple one handed installation of your transmitter before flight, with a few revolutions, the transmitter is secured in place on the leg. Purchase includes receptacle only. Available now for RT-GPS, as well as all Marshall 1/3N Battery powered transmitters, including:  RT Standard, RT UHF, and RT Plus (2005+) models.

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Size          Length Between Loops                                            Fitted For

1                                28mm                                     Kestrel, Spar, Merlin, American Kestrel

2                                35mm                                          Tiercel Peregrine, Lanner, Lanneret

3                                36mm                                                    Male Harris, Male Gos

4                                46mm                                     Female Peregrine, Saker, Male Gyr/Saker

5                                47mm                                      Female Harris, Male Redtail, Female Gos

6                                55mm                                               Gyr or Large Female Gyr/Saker

7                                59mm                          Female Redtail, Female Ferruginous, Very Large Female Gos

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