The Specialist Falcon


This is a study of falconry by a man with over fifty years’ experience who has taken the trouble to share it with us. Every element of gamehawking, particularly with gyrfalcons, is acutely observed and analysed: the result is fascinating.

– Nick Kester

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In every walk of life and every field of endeavour there will always be that one person that excels at what they do, and because they do it so well, they make it look relatively simplistic and straight forward. The ease and almost fluid series of movements often belies the degree of skill attained by the individual concerned. When they then impart their accumulated knowledge, by means of the written word, then you can rest assured it is worth the taking the time to read, absorb and enjoy what they humbly offer.
Such is the case with Simon Tyers and his superb new book “The Specialist Falcon”. Not only should this book quite literally be a “must have” for any falconer, regardless of the particular discipline they follow, but for anyone interested in how a true country craftsman strives for perfection in what he does.
Undoubtedly this book will hold its deserved pride of place on any falconer’s bookshelf and will assuredly do so for generations to come. A future classic from a master in his chosen field.

– Bob Dalton

Undoubtedly the most up to date practical treatise on the classic flight at lowland game in Britain – and indeed beyond – this seminal new treatise addresses the 21st century gamehawker’s needs based on decades of experience from an author who is perhaps the last truly professional falconer employed to train hawks solely for an employer’s sport. It reflects not only Simon Tyers’ successful years in this most challenging profession, but also draws on his wider experience with training dogs and gamekeeping and charts his evolution of methods to maintain the highest standards of traditional gamehawking in an ever-changing countryside…

– David Horobin

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