Our mission is to supply the best possible tracking and recovery systems to hunters and competitors around the world. You can have confidence that the Marshall system is the best, most carefully designed and engineered tracking system you’ll find anywhere.

Quality in telemetry to us means three things: reliability, range, and ease of use. Each of these is important in getting your bird back after the hunt. Your birds are valuable not just in terms of money but also in terms of the time spent training and the emotional investment you have in them. We understand that when your bird is lost, suddenly nothing but the best is acceptable.

Marshall Radio Telemetry builds its transmitters and receivers to the highest technical standards and tests them in the most demanding conditions. We are confident enough that we back them up with a three year warranty.

We don’t stop there. We want to make your experience with Marshall Radio Telemetry a positive one by being prompt and service oriented. Give us a try by calling 1-800-729-7123 within the USA (or 001-801-936-9000 International) to find an authorized distributor in your country and see if you aren’t pleased with the response.

– David L. Marshall