Marshall produces premium telemetry products and accessories used by falconers worldwide. Over the past ten years now, we’ve worked and invested heavily to raise the state of radio telemetry to new levels of performance, design, and safety: Powerful transmitters with short, safe antennas. Innovative new mounting designs and tools. Super sensitive yet rugged tracking receivers that fold up so you take them with you right to the field.

Radio telemetry has changed the practice of falconry in fundamental ways. Second only to captive breeding, the ability to track lost birds using telemetry is arguably the most important innovation ever developed for this ancient field sport. And as falconers ourselves, having a significant part in the advancement of radio telemetry design and then facilitating its widespread and safe use is what motivates us.

Through the ages, and up to the mid 1970’s, there was always one familiar lament among old-time falconers: “I had a great young falcon, one of those you dream of, but she was lost in her first year. It always seems it’s the best birds that are lost.” But falconers are now able to keep their best birds for many years, letting them more fully develop and emerge into capable athletes and effective game hawks.

On these product pages, you’ll see that we design and produce more than just transmitters and receivers. There’s a complete product line that includes custom padded cases and holsters to protect your receivers, all-new tail piece designs and special matching tools to quickly and safely install them, the TrackPack mounting harness, a vehicle locator, dog collars, and other accessories such as OMNI antennas and headphones so that you can build a complete telemetry system to cover every contingency.

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