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Setting the new Standard for VHF Telemetry, the new RT VHF is our most rugged, and versatile traditional telemetry transmitter. It provides maximum security when recovering your bird. Available for use in any mounting configuration (leg, tail, backpack, or neck mount), the RT can be ordered on your choice of channel within the 216-218 MHz band.

The new RT replaces the RT Plus and PowerMax of old, providing range equal to the PowerMax, with superior battery life, leg/tail options, superior ruggedness, and modern features like Full color LED, and higher efficiency.

For large falcons and hawks, we recommend the RT for use as either your primary tracking transmitter, or as the ideal long life / long range secondary transmitter when used in conjunction with the Marshall GPS.

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MOUNTING METHODS – Convertible for Maximum versatility

Using the included tail spring, the RT can be attached to the deck using the appropriately sized tail piece or mounted on the TrackPack.

You may also specify either leg mount (bewitt style lid, also suitable for neck mounting); or the Marshall EZ twist system for hassle free, one-handed leg mounting on your raptor.  Tail Springs can be easily removed / installed to change from Tail to Leg configurations.  Tail springs and antennas are also easily replaceable to keep your transmitter in perfect working order for years to come.


Super efficient, the RT utilizes the latest multicolor LED technology to give you transmitter status at a glance.

Each color indicates:

  • GREEN = regular power and operation
  • YELLOW = Low Battery Mode, time to change the battery
  • RED = Nearly dead battery, (less than 24hrs remaining)


With the Magnetic On/Off switch, batteries can be left inside the transmitters, until they need to be changed. To turn on, simply tap the magnet to the lid or body of the transmitter until you see three rapid LED flashes (along with 3 beeps on your UHF receiver), which tells you the transmitter is on and running. Do the same to power off the transmitter. If the magnet is lost, the transmitter can still be turned on and off manually by removing the battery.


The RT VHF is tuned for a mid length 9.5″ antenna, giving the best balance of optimal range and short length for safety.


The RT VHF telemetry transmitters are compatible with our rechargeable batteries.

Utilizing rechargeable batteries with your RT provides even greater tracking range and allows for each flight to begin with a full battery, giving maximum recovery time should the need arise. To purchase this option, click here for our charger kits. In the notes at checkout please note if the charger kit is for your RT so we can at best match the color of your transmitter. If you already have a charger base you can simply purchase a single rechargeable battery here. If you already have the rechargeable batteries for your GPS, the same battery may be used with your RT.  Battery Life is 7-10 days.



We’ve tested these transmitters with good signal line-of-sight to over 70 miles. But the important measurements are on the ground and in actual hunting terrain where there are obstructions and other conditions that adversely affect the signal. And in every situation that you’ll encounter, the RT VHF will provide the best range possible.

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Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .5 cm

216, 218


Leg, Tail, EZ Twist

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