Replacement Lids for Transmitters

Starting At: $15.00


Although designed to last forever, from time to time you may find you need a replacement lid for your transmitter. Lids can also be custom laser engraved with REWARD or a phone number for an extra $10.


The EZ Twist Option

The simplest and fastest way to install a leg mounted transmitter, or move it between several birds. Simple one handed installation of your transmitter before flight, with a few revolutions, the transmitter is secured in place on the leg. Purchase includes receptacle. Available now for RT-GPS, as well as all Marshall 1/3N Battery powered transmitters, including:  RT Standard, RT UHF, and RT Plus (2005+) models

After adding to cart you can choose to add an engraving here.

*Please note engraving can’t be done for Leg or EZ twist lids*
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Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

RT Plus Bullet (Black), RT Plus Leg (Black), RT Plus EZ Twist (Black), 2018 RT Leg (Black), 2018 RT EZ Twist (Black), Pre 2018 RT Leg (Black), Pre 2018 RT Bullet (Black), Pre 2018 RT EZ Twist (Black), PowerMax, Micro (Black), Micro (Grey), Scout (Black), Scout (Grey), 2018+ RT UHF Tail (Grey), 2018+ RT UHF Leg (Grey), 2018+ RT UHF EZ Twist (Grey), Pre 2018 RT UHF Tail (Grey), Pre 2018 RT UHF Leg (Grey), Pre 2018 RT UHF EZ Twist (Grey), 2018+ RT Turbo Tail (Nickel), 2018+ RT Turbo Leg (Nickel), Pre 2018 RT Turbo Tail (Nickel), Pre 2018 RT Turbo Leg (Nickel), RT Turbo EZ Twist (Nickel), RT GPS Charging Cover, Standard GPS Bullet (Blue), Standard GPS Leg (Blue), Standard GPS EZ Twist (Blue)

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