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Genuine Marshall Radio Accessories are designed to work with your telemetry gear.

Our airtight and waterproof Hardcases are a virtually bombproof way to transport or store all your high-performance equipment in one place. Tail-pieces are individually machined to perfectly match the precision-bent and heat-treated springs of your tail-mount transmitter. The TrackPack mounting harness gives you a fourth method for safely attaching your transmitters. An OMNI Antenna can simplify the search from a chase vehicle. The new Signal Sensor gives you an easy way to quickly turn transmitter off without using your receiver. Replacement antennas, and replacement lids are all available to you from this page. Having top quality accessories are a key part of giving you a complete and enhanced tracking system, so we take pains to design, produce and make these available. Scroll down the page to find the items you are after.

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